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19 sep 2022


We spent a great vacation doing the Hansa Highlights tour on De Holland. Organisation was perfect, notwithstanding a last minute change in the tour due to the low water level of the Yssel. The ship is very confortable and the personnel was professional and sympathetic. And the weather was just perfect. Less positive was the very long waiting time of almost 2 hours to recover our car on the last day, this could probably be organized better. But especially negative was the complete and utter lack of friendliness and professionalism of our tour leader. Never a smile, never hello, never present when we set out in the morning, didn’t bother to stop when cycling past clients who obviously seemed a bit lost, provided poor information on things to see and places to visit like he didn’t know the region and just read some things on internet… Luckily, this was our second Boat Bike Tour in the Netherlands and, thanks to the fabulous tour leader we had the first time, were pretty familiar with biking in the Netherlands and the waypoint system. It also is a bit a pity that the tour (or is this linked to the ship operator?) is so much geared towards German clients (food, briefing for German clients much longer than for others…) and that Boat Bike does not provide any information whatsoever in French, not even on the website. Many French speaking Belgians could be interested in travelling with Boat Bike Tours but are afraid because of the language.

Reactie van Boat Bike Tours 25 nov 2022

Hi Ann, We’re so sorry to hear your experience was less than 5-stars and did not meet your expectations. It is indeed true that all our communications are in three languages namely Dutch, German and English. Our guides also speak three languages: Dutch, German and English. These three languages are central because most of our guests speak English or German, and we speak Dutch because we are a Dutch company. If on a departure the majority is German-speaking, then the tour guide starts his talk in German. It is different if there are more English-speaking guests on board, then the tour leader starts his talk in English. Unfortunately, not all of our guides or sales staff speak French, which makes it impossible for a tour leader to hold a conversation in French. For this reason, we do not have a French website, we do not want guests to think that there is always a French speaking tour guide on board. Some tour guides can speak French, and that, of course, is a bonus. Best, Romy

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